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Center on the
Early Life Origins of Disease



CELOD Mission
The mission of the Center is to address common and important clinical and public health problems in diverse populations, in collaboration with U.S. and international colleagues from multiple disciplines. The Center has a particular focus on dissecting the complex interplay of environment, genetic and epigenetic factors in order to understand the etiology and natural history; and to identify early life precursors of common pediatric and adult diseases.

Xiaobin Wang, MD, MPH, ScD is Professor Zanvyl Krieger Chair in Child Health and Director, of CELOD. Please visit her faculty page for more information.

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Current Projects
CELOD has many active projects with the Boston Birth Cohort, the Chicago Family Cohort and the Chinese Twin Cohort. One of these projects is the "Early life determinants of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other Developmental Disorders (DD)". Please visit the Boston Birth Cohort page for more information.

The center offers several classes in collaboration with other genetic experts at the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Please visit the Courses page for more information.

The center works in collaboration with other JHU centers and departments as well as several federal bodies and universities both domestically and internationally.Please visit the Resources page for more information.

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