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Center on the
Early Life Origins of Disease

Research Projects – Chinese Twin Cohort

Enrollment Summary

2,000 twin pairs MZ: DZ ratio 1:1 6 years and older


Homogeneous Rural Chinese


Baseline 6 yr follow-up

Data Collected

  • Clinical Measurements including Bone Density
  • Biospecimens: Blood, Urine, Stool
  • Epidemiological Questionnaires

Grants Associated with the Chinese Twin Cohort

R01 HD049059 NICHD, Epidemiology of Metabolic Syndrome in Children
R01 HL0864619 NHLBI, Sleep and Adiposity: A Prospective Twin Study
R01 AG032227 NIA, Establishing the Precursors of Osteoporosis in Children
K23 HL093023, NHLBI, Role of Prenatal Factors and Gene-Environment Interactions in Recurrent Wheezing