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Center on the
Early Life Origins of Disease

Research Projects

The Center on the Early Life Origins of Disease research is directed toward answering questions such: What precursors can we identify in childhood that will not only improve current health but also improve adult health? Who do we target for intervention? What form should the intervention take? All the data needs to be evidence-based, ideally clinical or population-based.

All the research projects that are making such findings possible are taking place both in China and the U.S., using cohorts of a few population-based research projects, involving 2,000 twin pairs in China, 6,000 mother-infant pairs in Boston, and 1,000 families in Chicago. These projects, which track individuals and family groups over the course of several years, have lead to the biggest challenges but also greatest accomplishments for Dr. Wang and her team.

Project 01 Boston Birth Cohort

Boston Birth


Project 02 Chinese Twin Cohort

Chinese Twin Cohort


Project 03 Chicago Family Cohort

Chicago Family Cohort